The GIP Digital Watch observatory for Internet governance and digital policy


The observatory provides comprehensive information on 43 Internet governance issues and 7 processes. Browse the issues below, read more about each process, get the latest updates, view upcoming events, and learn more about the stakeholders active in each digital policy field. View the highlights: the UN Group of Governmental Experts | Fake news in the digital era | February's Geneva Digital Watch newsletter | Briefing: Internet governance in February



Instruments and Resources

A wealth of instruments and resources has been generated by Internet governance actors and processes. Instruments range from treaties and judgments to request for comments and standards, and include binding and non-binding instruments related to digital policy. The resources include books, reports, studies, articles, and other content related to each issue.

Browse the instruments and resources on each Issue page. Click on the '+' sign next to each title to display descriptions and other information.

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